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Two weeks with the Surface 3

I found myself needing a new computer and decided that I wanted an ultra portable device. After looking around and considering price, I decided that I wanted to give the Surface 3 a shot. I have been using cloud based development services like Cloud9 and I am finding I really like it so it wasn’t a big stretch. The primary focus of getting the Surface 3 was to have a device that allows me to take full advantage of OneNote so I could get better organized. So far the having the ability to actual write notes is awesome and works wonderfully. The TypeCover is the real deal and actually feels better than most keyboards that I have used. I am finding that using touch is natural, but I do catch myself getting frustrated with the trackpad, only to realize that I could have just used my finger.

Now on to the actual hardware. It is a very well crafted piece of hardware that feels well in the hand and is a pleasure to view. The size is not really a detriment and I am finding the resolution and aspect ratio great. The RAM and CPU do all that I need and the storage is fine also. I only notice any performance issues when doing extremely heavy storage tasks. With that just said, I was also very aware of what I purchased and did not set my expectations very high. I will say that I am constantly amazed at the amount of effeciency that both Intel and Microsoft have been able to squeze out of this form factor.

I am planning to do another post after a couple of months. Feel free to contact me if you have an specific questions and I will try to answer those.

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