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Sway Transforms the Pinebook Pro

It has been a few months since I installed Manjaro ARM Sway Edition on my Pinebook Pro. It has taken since then to really think about the experince. I don’t use my Pinebook Pro often and oddly enough, I am able to pick it up and remember how to use Sway. I find Sway intuitive which was my largest concern trying to use it and that just isn’t the case. I have been able to consistently remmber what to do and how to use it. So I wouldn’t let the tiling aspect of Sway or i3 deter you from trying to use it.

Since this is just a really lightweight window manager that is using Wayland it is super efficient and light on resources. The Pinebook Pro boots up very quickly and there is no lag in the user interface when using and launching applications. That is a stark difference compared to full desktop environments that I have used prior. Prior desktops have included Xfce, KDE, and Mate all in various distros like Armbian and Manjaro.

I will be keeping Manjaro ARM Sway Edition on my Pinebook Pro for now unless I decide to try out i3 just to see how it compares.

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