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Static Blog Generators: I am on Cloud9

I am a big fan of using a static blog generator. I don’t have to worry, about security, database, or hosting. This blog is powered by Tinkerer which is an extension built on Sphinx, Sphinx is primarily used to create documentation for Python projects, but is really useful in general for lots of things.

One issue I have come across with most static blog generators is that most have a depedency that doesn’t run well on windows, not a issue normally, but I have been moving back to the windows ecosystem lateley. Another complaint/issue is that you can’t just edit the blog without sitting at your computer or a computer you own.

To get around both of these issues and to test out working in the cloud, I decided to give Cloud9 a try to see how I like it. So far all I can say is that it’s awesome and works great. I started this post on my desktop and now I am working on my laptop without needing to run a git pull because it’s in the cloud. Now I am finising this post on my desktop, yet again a seamless transition. The autocomplete provided by their editor is nice and they have a dark theme. You can also preview any html you are working on in a browser inside the editor. I have yet to try, but so far I am pleased with what Cloud9 has to offer.

After this experience, the allure of a Chromebook is growing as I think that I could really get by just using a cloud based stack. Yes, it does require connectivity, but if you really think about it, when was the last time you felt productive without connectivity. I know that I don’t at all.

Thanks, for reading.

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