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Shinken Day One

I have been investigating monitoring tools to determine which one would best fit our skillsets and environment. While I was at the City of Austin, we used Nagios and I found it an awesome tool because of the alerting and alert escalation that was built in. Shinken is a montioring framework written in Python with it’s heritage being Nagios. Since it is a Python based framework I thought what would be better to use.

Today, is the first day of a new sprint where my focus is on getting our monitoring up and running for our entire stack. I used the tutorials called Online Course 1 and 2 found on the Shinken blog and besides a few extra dependencies that are not mentioned it went smooth until the active directory configuration. It basically came down to needed to include the domain name with the username. Below is the packages I had to install when using Ubuntu 14.04. I had monitoring configured on Shinken server like in the 2nd tutorial.

$ apt-get install sysstat ntp python-ldap

Then at the end of the second tutorial I chose to do active directory and the sticking point is highlighted below. Make sure to include the domain in the username.

 define module {
     module_name ActiveDir_UI
     module_type ad_webui
     ldap_uri ldaps://adserver
     username user@domain
     password password
     basedn DC=google,DC=com
     # For mode you can switch between ad (active dir)
     # and openldap
     mode    ad

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