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Rust Is Calling

I have had a pretty deep interest in Rust the last couple of years. I feel about Rust like I felt about Python twelve years ago. I didn’t dive into Python then like I probably should have, and I will not let this interest go unanswered. I am going to try my best to invest my time outside of Terraform in Rust. So many features of the language that intrigues me. I have also decided that I have three projects that I am going to embark on doing to completion. These three projects will all be in Rust. I need to learn about compilers for one of these projects, and the other will be diving into web development with Rust. Both of these should be fun in addition to a straightforward tool that I have planned in Rust. I can’t identify what catches my interest in Rust just yet. Hopefully, the more time I spend with it, I will determine why that is.

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