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Repository Pattern with

At PyTennessee I attended a presentation about ‘’. It is a nice simple interface. The presentation and one of the project creators was no other than ‘Chad Whitacre’. If you haven’t met Chad Whitacre then you are missing out. He is a great example of someone who is truly an ambassador of the community. During the presentation there were lots of discussion about accessing data and it seems there was a focus on using the ‘active record’_ pattern. However, I feel that the library would lend itself to the use of the repository pattern. Without any more here is the gist.

from postgres.orm import Model
from postgres import Postgres

class Foo(Model):
        typname = "foo"

class FooRepository(connection_string):
        def __init__(self):
                self.db = Postgres(connection_string)

        def get_all(self):
                return self.db.all("SELECT foo.*::foo FROM foo")

repo = FooRepository("<connection-string>")

foos = repo.get_all()

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