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Removing Google Analytics

Today is the day that I am going to remove Google Analytics from my blog. I have had it enabled on my site since I first started blogging. While it is nice to have this metrics, there are tool feelings that I have about it. The first is that I want to respect people’s privacy. Until I can find a better method for getting only page view information without any other data then I don’t want it enabled. I also don’t want to provide Google any additional information than what they are able to already collect. I have researched a few alternatives, but I am not in any hurry.

The second reason is a little more about myself. I don’t want to chase metrics. My best performing posts are the ones that I have created without any regard to analytics performance. The ones that I tried to write something to chase popularity never performed as well as the first. I feel that analytics has not allowed me to produce the best content that I can because I get biased. That bias personally makes me adjust my thinking based on what I know people already find interesting. I personally feel that is a mistake that I no longer want to make.

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