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Observations of openSUSE Battery Life

I sat down to write this post and didn’t realize that I had crossed the one month mark using openSUSE. That is a good sign, and the post for that is incoming. With that, I wanted to discuss my ad-hoc experience with battery life and openSUSE. I have been using Tumbleweed and Leap on two different laptops. One is an Asus Zenbook, and the other is a Thinkpad x260. Now I have run all kinds of distros on my Thinkpad, and the Zenbook that I received as a hand me down I have only experienced with Windows before openSUSE. What I have noticed is that battery life doesn’t seem to be as good as I would expect. I know that on the Thinkpad, running Leap, Ubuntu and Manjaro appears to have slightly better battery life. By marginally better, I feel that is probably half an hour difference. I haven’t had as much experience with the Zenbook; however, I think it behaves much like the Thinkpad. I will have to do some more formal testing or see if any known tweaks need to happen. If you happen to know of any, please reach out and tell me.

One additional possibility is that I may just be using the laptops more. I enjoy using openSUSE. It is very user friendly and has many features built-in that helped me do more things. I know that I have been using both laptops more, which is a testament to how much I like openSUSE. I will get some more firm information for future posts to discover if there is a real difference or just perception.

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