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New Project with EmberJS

We are starting to embark on changing a few applications at work to be more modern and to start using an API that we are developing.

This left me with the descision as to which, if any javascript framework, we should use. I am most familiar with Dojo, ExtJS, and jQuery. I knew that Angular is the most popular at the moment, but the directives kind of bother me and seems to muddy the water. This left me with wanting to try EmberJS.

So far I will say that this post by Rob Conery and this tutorial about how to use Ratchet has helped me get a better understanding of how it works. Ember-CLI has also been a great tool to use at it gets out of your way, but still spring boards your development, but stubbing out the files for you. I am also liking the use of the ES6 module syntax.

Finally, I am doing all of this on Windows 7 which is working without issue once I got ruby and the sass gem installed.

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