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My Blog Has Moved to GitLab

I have officially migrated the source code for this blog to GitLab. GitLab became the front runner in the migration because it supports signed commits just like GitHub does. I have been able to wire that up with Netlify seamlessly, and everything is working. The most challenging part was waiting on the import from GitLab to GitHub. GitLab has made that extremely easy to do, pick the repository and click on import. My issues migrated as part of that process, which is even nicer.

I am looking to migrate as much as possible over to GitLab. Some repositories that are not as active will be archived, and I will update the README for some to point to GitLab. I will blog a little more about the experience as I move things over that need moved. From now on, I will be creating all of my repositories on GitLab. I will remain active on GitHub in projects that interest me, and this is just a personal choice to migrate away from GitHub.

If you are curious about why I migrated away, it has to do with the recent news of just an unhealthy work environment for employees. This just wasn’t an isolated case that makes me reflect on the choices that I make. We have a lot of collective power when communicating to businesses that we don’t approve of their actions. Not using a service or actively promoting that service is just one way to take a stand. You will not need to dig too deep to find these other instances, and I have learned about more of these incidents than I knew existed.

The other aspect is the consolidation of the market and Microsoft’s involvement. We are consolidating a lot of the community on that platform, which in turn benefits Microsoft. Open source is about choice and freedom, which I think doesn’t fully align with what has occurred.

I will state again; these are personal choices. I hold no judgments about anyone that uses their service or promotes it. It is a good product, and that is where the community is currently investing. I will be using it to participate as I need.

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