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Moving into Management

I have finally made the move into management. As of this week I am now a manager of a small group. I still get to do development, but I get to help my teammates in a different capacity. It is a going to be a rocky ride for me personally and this past week is proof of that. I have tried to move into management in the past, but there was always a HR policy that penalized me because I didn’t have a related degree (local government), however reflecting on that now, I realize that I do not think I was really ready. Funny how a few more years of expereince changes everything. I do find that along with trying to meet the needs of my teammates, I am having to step up and be a product manager. We are an “agile” team and we have a product owner, but I am finding that a product manager is very different from a product owner. We need someone to create a product roadmap and focus on what is going to both challenge the team and drive the product forward. Also as a manager strategy is at a totally different level or maybe it is just me feeling that it is different. Hopefully, I will be able to start finding time to keep in a regular blogging rythm. I have lots of thoughts I want to share.

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