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Mental Exhaustion

I am mentally exhausted from this past week. It is even difficult sitting down and trying to write a post let alone all the other stuff that I have had to do this week. I challenged myself to write everyday so I am doing just that. I guess it’s better to get it down so when I look back at this post I will be able to recall what it was like. I have been finding video games enjoyable again, especially Hotshot Racing. It is a great arcade style racing game with a modern feel. I have been running it on openSUSE Tumbleweed via Proton without a single issue. Both the Logitech F310 and Playstation 4 Dual Shock controller work wonderfully. This has been the most enjoyment I have had from video games in years. This winter has turned out to be a difficult one so far and I am looking forward to the spring.

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