January Blog Stats

Published on Thursday, January 31, 2019

January Blog Stats

This post is an unusual post for me, but I thought this month turned out to be an exciting month for my blog. I haven't blogged much this month as I have been studying for my Azure Administrator Associate certification, which I passed, the 3+ hours every night for the last month has paid off. Funny enough, my blog has broken a new record for page views, topping over 3.2k views in a month, my previous best was around 2.5k. I am so grateful for everyone taking the time to visit and here are my top 10 posts by growth this month.

Now, this is an interesting list, and the interest in Azure, Linux, PowerShell, and Python jump out at me. Since those seem to be what is driving traffic and where my interests have been naturally shifting I am going to focus on bringing all those together in some interesting posts that I have planned.

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