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I like surprises, especially when Cake is involved!

So I was working today to consume a Cake addin that isn’t fully baked. It is an addin that we needed. So I cloned the repo and pushed a copy of the package to a to consume as part of our build. I added a custom NuGet.config file to my Cake tools directory, but Cake would not install the addin. So I just added it to the packages.config, still no dice. I had to use the older syntax:

#r .\tools\<package>\lib\net45\<dll>

I wasn’t satisfied with this solution, so I jumped on the Cake Gitter, who doesn’t lover Gitter, and starting asking some questions. I was soon digging into the source and discovered that as part of parsing the addin directive if you put the source after the package name it woud use it. So now I could use the #addin syntax like so:

#addin <Package Name> <Source: MyGet, TeamCity, Etc>

So all you have to due is specify a source that can be consumed by NuGet.exe and you can use the #addin syntax.

Such a pleasant surprise, Cake doesn’t dissapoint.

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