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I'm Enjoying .NET Once Again

I recently started a SUSE Hack week project in .NET with a co-worker this week. This is the first serious .NET development that I’ve done in over a year and a half. I have been doing primarily Go development during that time which I found refreshing. Now with a little time away and doing this new project I realize that I enjoy using it once again. The language and the tooling have changed a lot in the last couple of years and lots of new features have been introduced that I am still getting used to. Namespacing, global using statements, nullable compiler flag, etc. are just a short list of the features that have been added. Overall, I like the changes and it has made it very refreshing.

I have spent some time thinking about the delight that I felt using it this week and it is really surprising. I thought the joy of it was gone, but it hasn’t. I think that is true about most of the things in technology. I have had similar feelings about DevOps, web development, etc. I think that I just got burned out about all of these due to social media and other activities. It’s an interesting self-reflection to potentially realize how social media and related activities really influence your perception of technology. So I guess the question is what did I change. Let’s explore what I think has really helped.

In the last year, I have really cut back on my consumption of social media and tech news. I started going back to using an RSS reader and keeping a better-curated list of blogs and tech sites that I really want to consume. This has helped a ton with cutting out some noise that I just didn’t personally need. The next thing is that I just stopped using Reddit and StackOverflow. I very seldom use either site for tech-related items now and actually go out of my way to avoid both if I can. I don’t believe anything is wrong with either site, they just don’t work well for me. Then I think the biggest thing for me was deleting my Twitter account back in April. I had tried to curate my Twitter over the last couple of years, yet deleting it and not visiting the site at all reset my views on many things, especially tech. This has helped me reset and rediscover what I like about this field and the jobs that I have had. I;m looking forward to digging back into some projects that I have wanted to do and using .NET to accomplish some of them.

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