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Harvester Running in the Home Lab

I have made several attempts at configuring a home lab over the years. I use it for a while, and then it sits there. Since I have started my new job, I have found an increasing need for it. The cloud is super convenient, yet nothing is faster than having servers locally. I have been using Vagrant with success, and I did have a KVM setup working. I have decided that I needed something a tad more than what KVM could provide. Given all of that, I decided that I would give Harvester a spin, given it’s Kubernetes based.

I decided to leverage both my Intel NUC and my Asrock Beebox to build out a cluster. I downloaded the ISO from the GitHub page and followed the installation instructions here. My two small boxes are both quad-core Intel CPUs with 8GB of RAM each. So far, performance has been satisfactory, and I am sure as I learn how to use it more effectively, I will need to get some more hardware behind it. Here is a dashboard view of my hosts that I have.

As I explore more features and start putting this cluster to use, I will blog about any interesting things that I learn.

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