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Getting Started with DevOps

Getting Started with DevOps

I have had the privilege to speak about DevOps at several conferences over the years. I always seem to get asked this one question, “How do I get started doing DevOps?”. That is still a great question, and I have found it hard to write about it. Well, this is my first attempt at writing about it.

DevOps is the union of development and operations, which means that both teams need to work together. It’s easy to say that you need to work together and let’s face it, that doesn’t work unless you get to know each other. That is part 1 of what I think it takes to get started doing DevOps, start getting to know the other teams. Go to lunch, hang out after work, lend a helping hand on tasks, foster empathy between the teams. As the teams get to know each other the conversations that will need to occur will happen naturally after the teams start respecting each other and growing together.

Here is my YouTube video that covers this first part.

The next part of my answer to the question is relentless automation. Learn to automate anything and everything, if you have a series of CLI commands you execute, then create a script that you can perform to run those commands. Automation will save you some time, the more you automate, the more time will be freed up to automate more tasks. As you progress in your automation, you will start automating more things like builds, deployments, configuration, etc. Automation is key to getting into DevOps; being comfortable with automation will help you succeed.

Here is my YouTube video that covers this second part.

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