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First Orchard Pull Request

Lately my team and I have been working with Orchard CMS. We picked Orchard because we are .NET developers and Orchard provided such a great framework to start building our new system with that it put us months ahead. In addition we did need the capabilities provided by the CMS modules, but in reality Orchard could just have the CMS modules deactivated and still provide a great base.

Now to my pull request. I just submitted a pull request to Orchard for documentation around the dynamic forms module. The documentation could use a little more work, but I at least wanted to get some of the basics in place. I just followed along with the previous custom forms module and the great post on IDeliverable’s blog, the post is a little dated, but still a great refernce.

I hope to be posting more about Orchard shortly. My team already has a couple of pull requests and we are looking to submit more than just documentation. I also have a few ideas for modules that I would like to create. With this long weekend, I may be able to make at least one module happen.

Thanks for reading.

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