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Esri Dev Summit Recap

I made it back from the Esri Dev Summit. Dodge ball did not work out so well as we went out in the second round. However, the keynote by Chris Wanstrath was great and a keynote that was definately needed at an Esri conference.

Jamie Phillips and Chris Wanstrath

My presentations went really well and both were well recieved.The highlight was when a member of the File Geodatabase API team, who also supports SQLite attended. It was great having a member of a team to show interest in your presentation and participate in a Q&A session. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback, it was appreciated. Also a big shout out to Amy Niessen of Esri for coordinating all the user presentations.

Last, but not least is the exciting features and new SDKs coming. The QML SDK looks really promising and will provide organization that cannot afford to create apps using the native SDKs a cross-platform solution. The new .NET SDK is a welcome step forward as now only the XAML needs to be different to support desktop, store, and phone. The disconnected story has improved and there are lots to cover there.

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