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End of the Silverblue Challenge

I ended the two-month challenge a couple of weeks ago. I successfully used it for two months and I don’t have any complaints. Installing flatpaks for desktop applications was a breeze and leveraging toolboxes for working with CLI applications didn’t pose any significant issues. I guess the big question is, will I be sticking with it? The short answer is no, I won’t be. I like the concept of an immutable OS and I think that I want to see what some of these other projects are bringing to the table. I’m pretty excited about checking out VanillaOS and openSUSE MicroOS Desktops. After having given Gnome another good attempt, I keep finding myself wanting KDE features and applications. There are just applications in the KDE space that I really enjoy and often they don’t feel the same on a Gnome desktop. With that said, I’m right now running on KDE Neon until I find a good KDE distro that I enjoy using.

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