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Ember Helpers: Testing

Following up with my last post, I forgot to address one of the key development practices that I am finding that Ember makes extremely easy, testing. So I am going to show you how to test the helpers that were created in the previous post.

In the previous post we ran the following command:

$ ember g helper <helper name>

This command generates both the helper and its corresponding test. Open the corresponding test file for the mailToLink helper. We are going to write a test that makes sure it generates the correct link.

test('generates correct link', function(){
  var result = mailtoLink('test@test');
  equal(result, '<a href="mailto:test@test">test@test</a>');

See how easy that was, the test for the telLink helper is just as easy:

test('generates correct link', function(){
  var result = telLink('8675309');
  equal(result, '<a href="tel:8675309">8675309</a>');

Really basic tests, but since Ember allows you to easily build your application in a modular fashion it should keep that code you do write very succinct and simple.

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