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.NET Core on Solus

.NET Core on Solus

I have always liked and followed the Solus project. I have always liked anything Ikey Doherty has been involved with dating back to his Linux Mint days.

I decided I would do a full install on my extra machine and see what it has to offer. I have to say it is an amazing desktop environment and as it gains momentum it is going to really take footing.

How do I get .NET Core 2.0 running?

So, here I sit with a beautiful new desktop environment that is great to use. I went to the .NET core homepage and opened up the examples for Debian Linux. I decided I would install the libraries listed in their version, then do the download of the tar and give it a try.

Here is what I was greeted with:

$ sudo eopkg install curl libunwind gettext
The following package(s) are already installed and are not going to be installed again:
curl  gettext  libunwind
No packages to install.

Wow, all the dependencies are already installed. Just move to step 2.

$ curl -sSL -o dotnet.tar.gz
$ mkdir -p ~/dotnet && tar zxf dotnet.tar.gz -C ~/dotnet
$ export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/dotnet

Now run the following to see if it worked.


It worked!

Usage: dotnet [options]
Usage: dotnet [path-to-application]

  -h|--help            Display help.
  --version         Display version.

  The path to an application .dll file to execute.

Can you believe it? It just worked out of the box with less work than what was previously involved. That is amazing.

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