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Linux toolbox for .NET Development

Linux toolbox for .NET Development

This is going to be my list of the tools that I setup when doing .NET development on Linux. I know my future self is going to reference this and I hope others find it useful.


This is pretty easy, you need to have .NET core at a minimum. I do find having Mono installed is useful sometimes when a particular tool you need to use is not available on .NET core or you need to create a Mono/Xamarin app.

Just follow the directions above to get the bits you need. I would suggest on the Mono front installing mono-complete, mono-dbg, referenceassemblies-pcl, and mono-xsp4.

Code Editors and IDEs

There are many choices in this area thanks to the Omnisharp project. My favorite choices are below.

There is always Mono-Develop, but it will require Flatpak to get the latest version.

Visual git Guis

Ah, I know, sometimes I just like having a nice gui for git. Not a heck of a lot of choices, however my favorite tool is available.

I have heard great things about Git Cola, but I have not used it enough to form my own opinion.

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