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Docker base image for EKS tools

Docker base image for EKS tools

I have an idea floating around to make working with EKS extremely easy withing a team. AWS uses the Heptio Authenticator to wire up your AWS Credentials and IAM roles with Kubectl. What makes this really cool is that the Kube config is extremely generic. This means that your team can share a single copy of the Kube config letting AWS determine permissions on your Kuberentes cluster.

Since this config can be shared across a whole team, it makes sense to me to build a container with the base tools available. Then a team can build an image that has their Kube config baked in and push that to a private docker repository. Then all a user needs to do is inject the AWS credentials they want to use and they have an environment that is ready to go and consistent across a team.

Now that the basic premise is out there, which the complete details will come in a follow up post, I have already published an eks-tools-base image to Docker Hub that you can get started using now. Here is all the info you need to check it out.

docker pull phillipsj/eks-tools-base:0.1-beta
docker run -it eks-tools-base bash

Links: *GitHub *Docker Hub

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