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Developer Practices

I stumbled across a blog post by Klaus Hebsgaard about “Practices of A Professional Developer”. I feel it summed up my feeling to a large degree about some core practices that are really above some of the other practices. Using several environments for testing and automation are a big key and both fall in line with coding standards. Standards transcend just the code and definitely are part of the other practices listed in the blog post. Automation enforces a standard way to build the software, if any of those standards are not followed then the automated builds and deployments will break. It also applies to environments, if your application is changed which prevents it from interacting with the environments in a standardized way then one of the environments will break. I have been discussing standards recently at work and I feel that it is well received by some and not by others. I am not talking about being really strict, but I am talking about standards when it comes to the basics or else you end up with the “It works on my machine” or just one developer that can actually make changes or do deployments. I have some more thoughts on this topic that hopefully I can materialize.

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