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Bottom or Top Line Development

On my journey into management, I have picked up a copy of Behind Closed Doors from the Pragmatic Bookshelf. I love their books and so far this one is shaping up to be a good one. Now to the point of this post, there is an aside in the book that discusses being a group that works directly on a product that generates revenue or being a group that supports the company to sell the companies product. The difference being, one group generates top line, while the other group contributes to the bottom line. This is just one of those things that I didn’t see coming and it hurt. All I can think is WOW! I naturally think in the bottom line and since my first job was working in government, I am not surprised. All of my past development has been on products that support the business in their job, I have never actually worked on a product that was the business. Such a small aside, but it is so true. The focus of the aside is primarily focused on defining the mission on the group, but I think it is way deeper than that. I intrinsically find enjoyment on building products that enable others to perform their best. Maybe it is the maximizer in me, but I it just clicks. I find the idea of a software product intriguing, however I have made career choices that have not lead down that road. When I originally moved into this position that I am in, I thought here is my chance to develop a product, but what I realize is that I am developing a product that helps the business deliver their products. Just WOW!

I wanted to share this with everyone, until next time.

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