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2022 Predictions

2021 was an awful year for me with my predictions and I’m not surprised as I made many that were inspirational. Let’s see what I have come up with for the next year.

An ARM competitor for the M1

We have seen many ARM products and now Apple has proven without a doubt that a competitive platform can be built with the chips. There is going to have to be a manufacturer that decides to really develop their own ARM-based SoC to produce products that compete. I am going to be curious who does it.

Confidence is greater than 90%.

Intel will be competitive again

The CPU market is heating up and AMD put a lot of pressure on Intel. Now Apple has increased that pressure and as other ARM SoCs come to the market, Intel will need to step up. The latest stuff is looking good and is having me consider going Intel on the next build. Time will tell and the Big-Little architecture that has been adopted is going to be a big boost.

Confidence is greater than 90%.

More x86 Single Board Computers

This has been something that interests me and I think we could really use more of these. Too much software hasn’t been made available on ARM and as more industries move to automate they will need SBCs that can run their software.

Confidence is greater than 80%.


These are my 2022 predictions. I would enjoy hearing from you about your thoughts and predictions. Feel free to reach out on Twitter, LinkedIn, or log an issue in GitHub.

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