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2021 Predictions Review

Time to review my 2021 predictions post. This year I didn’t do well at all except where I partially got just one of them. Let’s get into it.

Microsoft Windows Desktop Environment for Linux

Not much to say, if Microsoft had made one everyone would have known.

Score: 0

Microsoft Open Sources SQL Server

I was sure we would have seen soemthing like this to answer some of the pressure. However, we didn’t.

Score: 0

Red Hat Enterprise Linux will be Free

Again, I mostly missed this one. There are is a free tier based on size and revenue which is why I am giving myself half a point. However, this was not what I had thought it would be.

Score: 0.5

Windows Server becomes Free

Not much to say or add to this one either. I totally missed it too.

Score: 0


Final Tally

My total score was 0.5 points. I am already working on my next set of predictions, and I will get those posted soon.

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