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2020 Predictions

2020 Predictions

I made predictions last year, and I was debating if I wanted to do them again this year. As you can guess from this post, I decided to do it again. I have been struggling with coming up with stuff I would like to predict, but I think I have a few now.

More ARM-based laptops and desktops

That’s right, and I predict that ARM will gain more steam, and we will see new ARM laptops and an actual desktop ARM computer released. I am not counting single board computers or other similar devices. I am going to be more specific and say something like an Intel NUC or SFF (small form factor) device. A bonus prediction is that these will have 8GB of RAM. I have been impressed with my PineBook Pro, and you should check out my YouTube channel for the videos that I am doing with it.

Confidence is greater than 90%.

Microsoft starts focusing on GitHub and GitHub Actions over Azure DevOps

This prediction is a big one, and something that I have been feeling was going to happen after GitHub Actions was released. Microsoft had a product named actions and renamed it to Dapr shortly after GitHub Actions released. There have been more MS people focusing on GitHub actions in blog posts, and even a few people moved from the Azure DevOps team to GitHub. I am going to be more specific this year and say that it will be in the form of suggesting that people leverage GitHub and GitHub Actions over Azure DevOps.

Confidence is greater than 60%.

Mozilla fades away

This prediction is a somber one actually to write down. Mozilla has been struggling lately with finding their new path forward without as much search engine revenue. Thunderbird moved under a subsidiary and Firefox, while better than ever, is not gaining market share. Microsoft moved Edge to Chromium, further stacking the odds in favor of Chromium-based browsers. I cannot think of hardly any browsers outside of Firefox and Safari not based on Chromium. I will believe Mozilla will continue to split projects out and start making more cuts.

Confidence is greater than 80%.


These are my predictions, and I would enjoy hearing from you about your thoughts and predictions. Feel free to reach out on Twitter, LinkedIn, or log an issue in GitHub.

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