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2020 Predictions Review

My 2020 predictions post was made late in the year and without a lot of enthusiasm by me. I decided to check in on my predictions since the year is close to being done. Here are the predictions that I made so you don’t have to read the post.

  • More ARM-based laptops and desktops
  • Microsoft starts focusing on GitHub and GitHub Actions over Azure DevOps
  • Mozilla fades away

I was personally shocked at the predictions I had made. I feel I nailed every one of these, even with the qualifications I included. Let’s jump in and review.

More ARM-based laptops and desktops

I predicted that new ARM systems would be released that was not a single board computer and had at least 8GB of RAM. Apple came to the rescue on this front, releasing a small form factor Mac Mini and the MacBook Air/Pro. These all have the RAM requirements too. The performance being reported has been impressive and shows what can happen when producing a more premium product. Microsoft and Lenovo both have products out there based on the Snapdragon, so that would count too. I am looking forward to how other manufacturers are going to answer the product that Apple has delivered. It doesn’t have to be super close, just closer than what the Snapdragon is offering at the moment.

Score: 1

Microsoft starts focusing on GitHub and GitHub Actions over Azure DevOps

I think that I got this one too. Microsoft has been heavily investing in GitHub Actions, and it seems that Azure DevOps doesn’t have as much momentum as it did. New features seem to be showing up in GitHub actions first, and those features may or may not make it in GitHub Actions. If you check out presentations at conferences, blog posts, etc., you will see the focus shift.

Score: 1

Mozilla fades away

This one I am really upset about making. I said that Mozilla would start splitting more projects out like they did Thunderbird and making more cuts. Rust, Cargo, and were moved to a new Rust Foundation. In August, Mozilla reduced staff by 25%, which was really disheartening and not what I was expecting. It seems the decisions that they have made in the last few years are confusing.

Score: 1

Final Tally

My total score was three points. I am already working on my next set of predictions, and I will get those posted soon.

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