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2019 Predictions Review

Last year I did my first post for my predictions for 2019. This will be my first review of my predictions. I am going to set some rules in this post about how I am going to count these predictions. If it partially happens, I will get half a point. If it actually happened, I will get a full point. This is all for fun, and the points are made up, but I still feel it is worth tracking. So what were my predictions?

  • Microsoft Windows Desktop Environment for Linux
  • Container alternatives gain traction
  • Microsoft invests in Wine for Apps

It looks like I made three predictions for 2019. Let’s find out how I think I did.

Microsoft Windows Desktop Environment for Linux

I predicted that Microsoft would release its own desktop environment for Linux. Well, that didn’t happen, but I still think it could happen. What Microsoft did do is release Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, which has a Linux kernel and could be considered a Linux distribution, so I am going to give myself half a point.

Score: 0.5

Container alternatives gain traction

This was a more general prediction, but I did call out tSnaps and Flatpaks. Both made some significant gains in popularity this year. Microsoft started shipping more applications as Snaps this past year. As far as Flatpaks go, elementary OS officially adopted Flatpaks.

Score: 1

Microsoft invests in Wine for Apps

Well, what can I say, I got way to specific on this one. Microsoft did end up shipping Teams for Linux, which is one of many Office apps. In this prediction, I also mention that Microsoft would create a Linux distro, which did happen in my book.

Score: 0.5

Final Tally

My total score was two points, which isn’t too bad in my book. These wouldn’t be fun if it was something that was not a stretch. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts and the results of any predictions that you made. Feel free to reach out on Twitter, LinkedIn, or log an issue in GitHub.

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