Automating Azure

Dapper Command-Query Separation

How we Gitflow

Creating seams

DevSpace Conference 2017

.NET Core on Solus

PowerShell as default shell on Ubuntu

.NET Core 2.0 Preview on Ubuntu

Cake: Contributing to an Addin

Deploying Desktop Apps with ClickOnce, MSDeploy, and Cake

Review: Google Wifi

DevOps a fad?

Moving most of my Cake Addins

Announcing Cake.Netlify

Cake.Netlify is working in beta

Cake: A recipe for success!

Cake Crumbs of the Week #3

Cake Crumbs of the Week #2

Cake: More SFTP

Why you should be using Gitter

Cake: One way to SFTP

Cake Crumbs of the Week

Cake: Developing Addins Part 5

Azure: Deploying MkDocs to App Service

Azure AD as I understand

Hudson Bay Start for Projects

Cake: Developing Addins Part 4

Cake: Developing Addins Part 3

Cake: Developing Addins Part 2

Cake: Developing Addins Part 1

2016: Year In Review

Wyam: Improved Anchors

Wyam: Bootstrap Fun

Now using Wyam


Announcing Cake.Ftp


Extending the Orchard Message Service

Cake: Unit testing addins

Cake: Creating your first addin

Using C# 6 features in Cake

Cake: Automating an existing project

Shockingly Sweet: Electron and Cake

Learning Fixie and Should

Integrity Scan

BunsenLabs, awesome continuation of a legacy

XML Docs for Cake Addins

Fun with Electron


JavaScript: The Orchard Way


I like surprises, especially when Cake is involved!

Web Compiler with a side of Cake

CodeMash 2015


Builds are better with Cake

Orchard and Azure AD Woes!

Contrib to Dynamic Forms Module

Orchard, Gulp, and VS2015 Build Errors

Orchard Layouts with JSON.NET

First Orchard Pull Request

Bottom or Top Line Development

Moving into Management

Two weeks with the Surface 3

Wow, lots of agile stuff

Inspiration, Software Faster

Static Blog Generators: I am on Cloud9

Snap back to reality, oh, there goes the ORM

Authorize .NET Helpers

Authorize .NET DPM Helper

DapperExtensions Mapper to Dapper

PyTennessee 2015

Why I am not leaving .NET

Using Pods in Ember


Why I picked Ember

Review: ember-cli 101

Moment.js and Ember-CLI

Ember-CLI and Google Maps

Ember Helpers: Testing

Ember Frustration

Helpers in EmberJS

New Project with EmberJS

Book Club: Confident Ruby

Shinken Day One

Standing Desk

Legacy Code Challenges

New Job

Copyright and Licensing

Lots of dislike for Dojo

Why I dislike responsive design

Conventions and Standards

Getting to know Dojo

Developer Practices

2014 Dev Summit Presentations

Esri Dev Summit Recap

Attended LOPSA Meetup

Repository Pattern with

PyTennessee 2014

Now using Tinkerer

Esri Dev Summit