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Working with SQL Server on Linux for .NET Development

Being .NET developer I find myself working with SQL Server all the time, even though that seems to be slowly changing to PostgreSQL. In the past, this would limit my ability to do full-time development on Linux because I would still need a Windows box to run SQL Server or use a hosted solution. This doesn't work so well when you are doing development in your free time as it is cost prohibitive. Fortunately, Microsoft has released SQL Server for Linux just last year and at the same time started producing Docker containers for it. You can find the list of Docker containers here all based on Ubuntu.

Tools for Creating Blog Posts

While I am waiting for an answer from support about a blog post I am working on, I decided that I should write up a post about the tools that I use to create my posts. I do work, both on Windows and Linux, so there are a few differences in tools, but I keep the tooling really similar.

Mounting Azure Blob Storage Locally

If you are using Azure Blob Storage you know how frustrating it can be to push and pull down blobs when you are doing development or supporting a production issue. You could easily pull and push blobs with something like Azure Storage Explorer, however, I am going to show you have to do that using Rclone since it makes the process much smoother with more rapid feedback. In a previous post, I covered how to install it on Ubuntu 18.04 so I will not be covering that. What I will be covering is how to configure it for mounting an Azure Blob Storage account on both Ubuntu, including other Linux distros, and Windows. Let's get started.