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Creating an EKS tools image for your team

A couple weeks ago I posted this post about creating a docker base image for working with EKS. I said I would follow up with how you would use this base image to build an image for your team to use. This is it.

Azure SSO, AWS, and IAM Roles

Did you know you could use Azure AD to SSO into your AWS accounts for your organization? Here is a blog post that highlights how to wire it up. This works wonderfully for users that work in the AWS console. When you get into using EKS and you need access via tools like Kubectl, Helm, and the AWS CLI you will need command line credentials to allow you to assume the correct roles to perform you job.

Launch WSL from PowerShell

Just wanted to do a quick post of something that I learned today. You don't have to launch Bash for Windows by clicking the icon or by pressing the start button and typing. You can just as easily run it from the command line.