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Deploying Dash to Elastic Beanstalk

Before I get started on how to deploy a Dash app to Elastic Beanstalk, I am going cover Dash. Dash is a Python framework for building dashboards using Plotly for building your charts and graphs. Dash also uses Flask and React.

CodeStock 2018

CodeStock just keeps getting better. This was my fourth year attending and speaking and I had an excellent time. I was able to catch up with old friends and make new ones, the opening keynote by Paige Bailey and the closing keynote by David Neal were great. Both talks really bookended the conference very well. The session selection was great and there was a session for everyone that attended. Sessions had a nice blend and it was great to see a few more than usual on data science.

Removing Disqus

I apologize for the readers that used Disqus. I have discovered that it has a detrimental impact to my page speed. Please hit me up on Twitter until I discover an alternative.