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Development in a Container

I have been a skeptic of using containers for local development until recently. I have been frustrated that some of my favorite Linux distributions make it challenging to do .NET Core development. Either packages are not available or other weird behaviors with global .NET Core tools have been present. I can provide two examples of odd behavior. The first example involves using .NET Core from as a snap. However, global tools seem to struggle to find the .NET Core runtime. The second example appears to be weird behavior involving installing packages that are global tools on Fedora. It will continuously error, then start working, I haven't had the time to track that down, primarily when I use most of my free time trying to create content.

An easy Grafana setup using Azure App Service for Linux

Grafana is an open source platform for creating dashboards and analyzing time-series data. Grafana is written in Go and provides a feature-rich platform for visualizing any time-series data from sources like Azure Monitor, Azure Application Insights, OpenTSDB, Prometheus, InfluxDB, and many more. It has a wealth of plugins to provide visualization and source enhancements. Grafana can be purchased through Grafana Cloud, or it can be self-hosted.

Using Azure Front Door with IdentityServer

In my previous post, I covered some of the changes you need to make to an ASP .NET Core application for all the X-Forwarded headers to be consumed correctly. In this post, we are going to discuss what needs to happen, so IdentityServer works correctly behind Azure Front Door.