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Creating a PowerShell profile on Linux

In the world of Linux your shell profile is extremely important. That is what is responsible for aliases, loading plugins, loading auto-completion, and any other specific settings that you need for your environment. PowerShell isn't any different in those regards. This post is going to cover setting up a PowerShell profile and some functionality that will be nice to add to it.

PowerShell and Bash Compatibility

Wow! I can't believe that I just created a post with this title, times are truly changing. In my last couple posts I have been talking about using Make to create cross-platform builds, however, one key issue to contend with is that the shell environments are drastically different at times. How would it be possible to this if the environments are that different? I am going to answer that question in this post and discuss areas that are interchangeable between PowerShell and Bash.

You told me to use Make, but I'm on Windows

In my last post, I showed you how to use Make to build .NET Core applications. Now you may be saying, hey what do I do on Windows. Well, I mentioned in my last post about nmake, but I didn't provide much detail other than a reference to the documentation. With that said, here is how you get started with nmake.