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Hyper-V enhanced session with Pop!_OS

It's my day off, and I decided to have a little fun. I have been using the new Hyper-V enhanced session with Ubuntu since it is available in the image gallery. The enhanced session was announced back in September 2018, and so far it is only available for Ubuntu and Arch. I have been trying out Pop!_OS by System76 lately, and it an Ubuntu derivative. I decided that I wanted to try to see if I could get the enhanced session to work with it too. Microsoft has a GitHub repo with installation scripts for Ubuntu, we will modify the installation script to run on Pop!_OS 19.04.

Performing a Checksum check with PowerShell

I am a Linux distro hopper. I like to try out new Linux distros and see how well using PowerShell and .NET development work. However, there is a task that I always struggled to do on a Windows box, that task is to perform a checksum check any ISOs I download. On Linux it is pretty simple, you do the following:

Code Gripe: Language Arguments

You see this all over the internet; this language is better than this other language. Maybe it is because it is static vs. dynamic typing, or strong typing vs. weak typing, perhaps because it is more object-oriented or functional. Maybe its because it executes faster, produces smaller binaries, etc. I can keep adding to the list of reasons why one language may be considered better than another. I used to make similar arguments, and I still have strong preferences for specific languages and language features. However, I have realized that it doesn't make a significant difference.