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Buy me a coffee

I have created a Buy me a coffee site based on feedback. If you find any of my OSS projects or the content I create on my blog valuable, you now have an additional way to encourage me to continue with what I am doing. The interactions on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, and in person are why I do this, and I enjoy every single one. A few have expressed wanting the ability to support these efforts financially. I previously had a Patreon page configured, but due to their policies, I have removed that page. I have set my page to take any charges out of the donations. I have also enabled one-time and monthly options.

2019 Predictions

I listen to a few podcasts that do predictions for next year, then at the end of every year, they reflect back on their predictions to see what happened. I decided that I wanted to get in on the action and I am going to try to do it too. For your entertainment, here are my 2019 predictions.

Terraforming Azure SQL Database

In this post, we are going to learn how to use Terraform to create an Azure SQL Database and then extend the Terraform template to create a geo-replicated database and a failover group. Let's get started.