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Conventions used by Containers on Azure App Service

If you have been planning to use containers on Azure App Service, there are some conventions used that helps you get up and running. I have found that they are not all consolidated in one place and there isn't any dedicate documentation for those conventions. I have seen they are sprinkled throughout the various docs, and this is an attempt to consolidate that information and learn all of the conventions myself.

Azure App Service settings from Azure DevOps

This post is an interesting post to be writing, something that would seem straight forward has turned out not to be or else I wouldn't be writing about it. While trying to deploy a .NET full framework app to Azure App Service using Azure DevOps I needed to update a few app setting keys and a connection string. This task would seem to be something that would be straight forward, but it wasn't. I am going to start with the hard lessons I learned first.

Deploying Dash to Azure without using Docker

This post is the fourth post concerning Dash and the second post about deploying to Azure App Service. My previous Azure post has been popular, and I thought I was doing a disservice to Azure by using a container to deploy a Python application. Let's get started by building our example application which, if you have read the other posts, will look super familiar.