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Getting started using Azure AD Auth with an Azure SQL Database

If you don't know, you can use Azure Active Directory Authentication with Azure SQL Database. The documentation includes the basics, but I wanted to outline the steps and additional information that I have learned. You can connect using SQL Server Management Studio, Azure Data Studio, and SQL Server Data Tools if you use the AD with MFA options. Here are my recommendations for setup and some watch outs.

SQL Server on QNAP NAS

I run an Intel NUC model NUC7PJYH as my desktop development environment using some Linux distro as my OS. I have been doing some tinkering using SQL Server on Linux, and by the time I spin up docker and the SQL Server container, it starts taking up some resources on my little NUC that I just don't want to give up. I have a QNAP NAS sitting next to me that has an Intel processor and can run QNAP Container Station. I don't use that NAS for much other than photos and some backups, so I am going to put it to work running a SQL Server on Linux container. Here is how I accomplished getting it to run.

Conventions used by Containers on Azure App Service

If you have been planning to use containers on Azure App Service, there are some conventions used that helps you get up and running. I have found that they are not all consolidated in one place and there isn't any dedicate documentation for those conventions. I have seen they are sprinkled throughout the various docs, and this is an attempt to consolidate that information and learn all of the conventions myself.