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Cake: Developing Addins Part 5

After a little bit of deliberation I have finally finished the Cake.Netlify addin. I decided to only implement the Deploy command as that is the command I am most interested in using. I ask that you go to the MyGet feed referenced in the GitHub repo and try out the beta version. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please submit an issue in the repo. I will work on making some more tweaks to the Cake file before I push to NuGet.

Azure: Deploying MkDocs to App Service

MkDocs is an great tool to use to build project documentation. My team at work has been using it to create system documentation, consisting of user guides, features, etc. We may look to start using Wyam for this in the future, for now, MkDocs has served us and it works on Windows with minimum fuss. As with all of our newer sites, we are hosting on Azure using App Service, with the minimum amount of traffic our documentation receives, free or shared plans work the best.

Azure AD as I understand

Azure Active Directory is an awesome feature, it enables identity in the cloud, extensible, and allows for easier third-party integrations without exposing your internal systems. With that comes some very difficult to understand concepts that leads to much confusion. I am going to attempt to explain the relationship between Azure AD tenants, Azure subscriptions and Office 365. This explanation may not be 100% accurate or technically correct, but I wanted to share how I understand it which helps me perform my job duties.